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Prabhat Kunwar

Contact: pkunwar AT

Prabhat Kunwar is a senior research fellow in the lab. His current research is to understand the neuronal circuitry underlying fear emotional behavior. He uses the latest genetic techniques of neuronal marking, monitoring, mapping and manipulation in order to explain the neuronal basis of this behavior. He was supported by a fellowship from Jane Coffin Chields Memorial Fund to carry out his research project. He obtained his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Ruth Lehmann at the Skirball Institute of New York University Medical Center, where he studied cellular and molecular mechanisms of cell migration during animal development and was honored with two PhD awards.

While not doing science, He can be found traveling, doing sports and following global issues. He is also interested in promoting basic scientific research, technology and education in my home country, Nepal.


Dean's Outstanding Dissertation Award (2008), New York University, NY
Sackler Faculty Dissertation Award (2008), Sackler Institute, New York University School of Medicine, NY
Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (2009-2011), Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Biomedical Research, CT